Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Astrology February 11th to February 17, 2013

Monday: Pisces Moon, New Moon phase

The New Moon was in Aquarius Sunday (Saturday night if you're on Pacific Time). We ride that wave today as we make new plans and initiate projects, relationships, and goals.  Consider how you can start fresh in some part of your life and use the mantra "there's no time like the present". Aquarius, this New Moon especially shines on you for positive change. It's a career Moon for Taurus and a love and relationship Moon for Leo and Libra.  Cancer, the endeavors and financial agreements you make with another are highlighted early this week.  Your partnerships strengthen.  Capricorn, this is a great time to seek employment and increase your earning capacity.  The Pisces Moon today is near the 3 Pisces planets activating all we hope for and dream of.  Don't become complacent or give up too easily. Saturn and Pluto encourage a thoughtful, committed approach to today's business.  Find the flow of things and see how you can make the most of it. The Moon is void of course from noon on so get a jump start on the day and then cruise, knowing what you need to do and having a method and a plan to follow later in the day.  No slacking off tonight either. This Moon phase is too important to waste and too many planets are activating activity from the signs Pisces, Scorpio and Capricorn mainly. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon

It's Fat Tuesday and the void of course Moon sets the conditions for that kind of celebrating. Business may be slow today, and if you are doing important business, think carefully, get everything in writing and be extra careful with details.  We are prone to both indecision and lack of information.  Keep plans and commitments flexible.  Mercury joins forces with both serious Saturn and thought provoking, insightful Pluto.  Gut feelings and things that you just know but can't necessarily quantify or prove are a driving force in work and decision making we do today. New twists on existing situations may seem to come out of nowhere and things you thought or hoped were forgotten come up for discussion.  Mercury in Pisces is the dominant factor, encouraging intuition and empathy.  Take today slowly, step by step, and don't allow your self to feel pressured.  The Aries Moon moves in at 8:51 pm, instigating and motivating. Today's color is orange.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon fires us up and might even get a bit pushy today.  Things you were able to put off early in the week become more urgent.  The Moon and Uranus throw the monthly curve ball and we need to think before reacting even if there's not a lot of time to spare.  Try not to be too impulsive and look at several possibilities before acting on one if you're taken by surprise today.  Jupiter in gemini helps with broad perspective and all the possible options. Brainstorm and use process of elimination to find your best plan.  The Moon and Pluto form a square which can agitate any questions of power or responsibility. Remind yourself not to take things personally. The deeper feelings and problems we struggle with may be evident and your adversary has those too. Try to see the other perspective or gain some by looking at a matter from an alternate viewpoint.  Aries Moon is active and we'll feel some fire through tomorrow night! Wear red.

Thursday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon in harmony with the Sun and Venus today boosts our moods and our confidence. The Moon and Venus combine for love as well as for ability to get along, forgive, restart relationships with new intentions, and work together in groups.  Venus's influence makes for a romantic or happy Valentine's Day. The Sun's influence helps us feel confident, connected, and intellectually stimulated. It's a good day to learn new material, attend an event or training, and it's good for a date too!  Start new things now rather than wait til later in the month. We're closing in on Mercury's retrograde from the 23rd into March and that is not a good time to begin or enter agreements.  Wear pink today.

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Moon moves to Taurus at 5:08 am and forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces today.  This is a good combination of creative ideas and the skill to make them real.  It's also good for romantic and other close relationships. Taurus Moon is sensual, Neptune provides the magic and imagination to create a nice date or intimate time together. Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn are favored in love.  Mars is in harmony with Pluto encouraging us to do something about situations we don't like.  This is also good for facing your own fears or demons head on and constructively.  Today is well suited for work but our personal lives will probably take priority.  Today's color is green.

Saturday: Mars trine Saturn, Saturn opposes the Moon

With Saturn strongly influencing the day, we're aware of the need and even obligation to follow through and act like "an adult". Mars in Pisces trine Saturn in Scorpio is a good time to get a handle on what you consider your vices. Work to break addictions and have a plan for dealing with emotional illness and stress.  The Taurus Moon lends strong will and persistence so today is an especially good day to make a decision, stick to a plan and pursue an important goal.  There are other planetary influences at work as well, but Saturn's discipline and structure is the major focus. It's also prime time to accept good advice from knowledgable sources.  Wear blue today.

Sunday: 2nd Quarter Moon

This is the mid point between New and Full Moon and it's designed for progress. The Taurus Moon has an industrious side we can harness if we have work to do.  Constructing and repairing and all physical work including exercise is favored.  The Moon squares the Sun and both intellect and strength are valued and if you can combine both, even better!  Develop a good strategy today.  The Moon is void of course only from 3:31 to 4:50 pm EST, and then shifts to Gemini. The Gemini Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and we're likely to be distractible tonight.  It's a good night for socializing and movies. Study may be difficult but writing may be inspired! Today's color is yellow.

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