Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Astrology January 14th to January 20th, 2013

Monday: Pisces Moon

Pisces influence is strong as the Moon moves there at 5:40 am EST and meets Neptune at 8:20 am. Neptune is Pisces ruling planet, enhancing romance, illusion and delusion, creativity, and the spiritual and metaphysical. It might be worth it to require proof today before you believe or act on something. Make sure you have the facts along with the "pretty" picture painted or imagined. The Moon also squares Jupiter in equally changeable Gemini. Seeing doubles is a metaphor for Pisces and Gemini influence combined. This might make it hard to be clear and decide. Positives of today include magic results from creative efforts, intuitions and hunches, and romantic feelings particularly for Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo in relationships.  Tonight the Moon works with Venus adding to the favor for plans involving love and friendship and with Pluto for following up on those hunches and things you just have a feeling about. Seek the truth and act on intuition tonight.  Wear green.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon

Today's Pisces Moon is in contact with Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is the authority and the task  master of the zodiac.  Getting habits under control and finding the will and reason to make positive change is the challenge today.  It's a good day to get expert advice, to consult with those who have been through what you're attempting, and to start something  on a trial basis to see if it works.  With Pisces and Scorpio the dominant influences of the day, emotional habits and patterns will be hardest to break and demand the most attention. Under Pisces Moon we sometimes lack willpower so try not to fall back or go "off the wagon" with a resolution.  Also, remember important boundaries with people who tend to test and cross them to see if they can get a different result. Tonight the Pisces Moon favors music, movies, and being in a comfortable environment.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Moon is void of course from 4:32 am to 11:07 am EST and then in Aries. Confusion can result during those hours. If you feel like putting off an answer or reply until then, do it.  The Moon and Uranus meet today and that tends to be a jolt. News and eventfulness ensue.  Try to pause and take a  breath before reacting since we can be more short tempered or impulsive on days like this.  Venus and Pluto meet in Capricorn bringing up feelings you may not have anticipated either. This is about the depths of relationship questions and whether to confront what's holding you back. It's not the time to force commitment but it will certainly bring up questions like that. Explore a relationship matter that needs answers today. See if your intentions match your actions.  Today is likely to require the kind of multitasking that means both work and personal priorities. Being pulled to deal with multiple aspects of your life at once can be stressful.  Tonight, Jupiter in Gemini and the Moon together keep us moving and active til bed time.  Wear red.

Thursday: Venus in Capricorn

The Moon is in Aries, and planet Venus in Capricorn dominates the day's energy with a square to the Moon and alignment with Saturn. Planet of harmony and love, Venus is pushing us to work on relationship today. The square means a question of power in relationships. Is one of you always the one pushing or motivating or trying to control? If so, you'll be confronting that. Are there emotional and practical considerations that need to align in your relationship? If so, Saturn and Venus are helping you get a handle on that and make some sensible adjustments.  Aside from love lives and partnerships, the Aries Moon is also square to Pluto and as we take on new things this aspect reminds us of old patterns or unfinished business that could play a part in how we proceed.  Tonight, the Moon and Mars combine for inventiveness and a new approaches.  It's an active, dynamic night suited for a burst of energy for either work or social plans.  Today's color is pink.

Friday: Aries Moon

On 2nd quarter Moon days we like to see and feel progress. With 2nd quarter Moon in Aries that becomes even more pronounced.  Making moves and decisions is in the forecast today.  Things that slowed down, delayed or have been pending require action.  Being stagnant or bored may feel unbearable. Get the wheels turning on something important to you.  The Sun and Mercury meet in Capricorn for decisions, plans, communication and hopefully confidence in the direction you pursue.  That is the most powerful aspect of the day and favors Capricorn very directly, Cancer in committed love and other partnerships, Sagittarius and Gemini in business, Aries in career and other recognitions.  Effort is required today though with two squares showing we must be energy toward what we want and speak up for what we need.  Tonight the Moon is void of course from 7:40 to 8:38 pm EST and then in Taurus. Getting grounded and feeling secure and comfortable is the plan for the night.  A physical workout and a good meal suits Taurus Moon time so consider both tonight.  Wear yellow today.

Saturday: Mercury and the Sun to Aquarius

Mercury and the Sun both change signs and Aquarius birthdays begin officially at 4:52 pm EST this year.  Mercury moves at 2:25 am. On days when Mercury changes signs, our ways of thinking shift too. You'll see this as you or others change their minds, go with an alternative approach, and perhaps make more progressive decisions.  Mercury in Aquarius is inventive and goes against the norm for weeks beginning today.  Today's Taurus Moon is physical and interacts with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio. More of the deep, serious topics broached mid week come up for deliberate and long term resolving.  Today's activated signs are generally fixed, and in this case that means an aim for longevity and follow through. Some of this energy could result in stubborn impasses however there seems to be enough motivating factors to get us moving and maybe even compromising.  Get past a block.  Tonight the Taurus Moon favors physical activity and comforts of family or close friends.  Wear blue.

Sunday: Taurus Moon

The Taurus Moon works with loving Venus for harmony in relationships and creative inspiration.  Venus is in Capricorn and you might feel the need to organize space better, redecorate, or create something beautiful  The Moon squares Mars in Aquarius and we'll debate the traditional, tried and true versus the innovative and new.  The void of course Moon this afternoon from 1:16 pm EST is good for just hanging around, relaxing, or work around the house.  You could call this a half day to putter with things and see how they turn out or if you get inspired.  Taurus is a sign of song and dance so get your voice warmed up and your body moving or at least put on some music today!  Wear some pink.

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