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Weekly Astrology December 17th to December 23rd, 2012

The Solstice, 12-21-12 and the holidays are all upon us! Need a reading as a gift for someone? For as little as $25 I can make you an mp3 or written forecast for you or someone on your gift list! Sag and Capricorns with birthdays now will especially appreciate the attention!

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Monday: Mercury opposite Jupiter

It's a day of discussion, negotiation, and potential opportunity as Mercury and Jupiter oppose in Sagittarius and Gemini. This is the time to get everything out on the table, honest and visible, and sort it out. These planets are in mutable signs so leave some flexibility and room to grow in plans you agree to.  Finalize something before 1:12 pm when the Moon moves void of course, and have meetings then too if you hope details will be remembered and adhered to.  The void of course Moon in Aquarius is till good for intellectual work all afternoon although routine tasks are best accomplished then.  The Moon moves to Pisces at 7:46 pm EST and meets Neptune for increased creativity and thirst for extra sleep and dreams as well. It's a good music or movie night as long as the subject matter is light! Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon has a variety of interactions with 5 different planets today! We're likely to feel mixed too.  Decisions may be difficult, but if you feel confident, go forth! Pisces Moon tends to bring up lots of emotion so make sure you have enough logical brain working if you committing to anything.  It's a good day to remember or reestablish boundaries. Pisces Moon is prone to saying yes out of guilt or misplaced loyalty.  Be true to your self. Pluto adds some Capricorn energy to the day which may help us be realistic and willing to face problems constructively. Tonight, the Moon forms two squares and we have to put forth plenty of effort for progress or resolution and communicate very clearly as the Moon engages with Mercury straightforward in Sagittarius.  Work out a business plan or personal matter with someone tonight.  Wear green.

Wednesday: Mercury trine Uranus

An excellent day for opportunity, reaching agreement on terms, and unanticipated opportunity as Mercury and Uranus align in fire signs!  Keep up with calls, emails and connections that could lead to something good! Act on matters you know you could settle up and anything you want to upgrade.  At best, today brings surprisee opportunities and the answer Yes!The Pisces Moon working with Mars in Capricorn is great for blending organizational and creative energies, business with pleasure, art and music.  Aim for something amazing today. Intuition should be strong. Tune in, connect one on one, and enjoy being in big groups too. Wear purple.

Thursday: Aries Moon

The Moon moves to Aries at 2:43 am after just a couple of void of course hours.  The Aries Moon, still fueled by last week's New Moon in Sagittarius, renews our enthusiasm, gets things moving quickly, and could cause some urges to do things now or never. The zodiac is very busy today and we're likely to feel scattered with lots of options too.  The Moon and Uranus add trail blazing, independent and in some cases rebellious energy to the day so we may be surprised at someone's actions or changes going on around us (or with us!). It won't be easy to settle for the norm or the boring, routine with this Aries Moon. Jupiter in Gemini acts in tandem with the Moon for communication and plans especially with brothers and sisters, and a very social and busy night.  Today's color is red.

Friday: Solstice, Sun to Capricorn

The Solstice is at 6:12 am EST as the Sun moves to Capricorn on this most talked about and anticipated date. it's a good day to honor the earth with the Moon in this earth sign. Make a change. Be less wasteful or extravagant. Simplify and enjoy the basics fully. It's a good day to build or work in the kitchen, and take a down to earth approach.  The Moon is in harmony with Mercury, in Aries and Sagittarius. it's a beautiful, inspirational, and activity inducing trine. This is a day to turn over a new leaf, do something about a situation that bothers you (or worse), and make a healthy change.  Find a World Peace meditation or do something else that helps you feel plugged in, and especially, be in nature for a bit of time today.  Happy Solstice 2012! Today's color is gold.

Saturday: Taurus Moon, Sun sextile Neptune

The Sun and Neptune in Capricorn and Pisces inspire us today. Spirituality, intuition, and insight are some of the key words. Problems that need solving benefit from down to earth Capricorn with compassionate Pisces energies. It's a good blend for taking everything into consideration.  Mars also squares the Moon while still in Aries early this morning and we get proactive and confrontational if necessary.  The Moon is void of course from 7:57 am to 1:25 pm and then the Moon connects with Neptune too. Imagination could take over, but you don't want to get caught up in ideas that may not be true. Be curious, ask questions, focus on what's real and important to you. If that's love and relationships, Venus is opposite Jupiter tonight and it's a chance to work something out together, considering a partner's feelings and prespective. Honesty. open mindedness and retaining some independence even in partnerships is the idea tonight.  Today's color is green.

Sunday: Taurus Moon opposite Saturn in Scorpio

Fixed energy in the forecast today makes change a challenge. It's not an easy day to convince someone to change their mind or plan.  The Moon opposite Saturn brings up some dark or difficult topics including dealing with the older people in our families, especially if you're a Leo Sagittarius.  Scorpio may be at odds with significant others and have very strong opinions today. Taurus, the same for you.  The Moon is at work with Pluto in Capricorn which is somewhat more constructive but still indicates work and dealing with underlying or back-burner issues. Wear navy blue today.

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