Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Astrology October 8th through October 14th, 2012

Monday: Void of Course Moon in Cancer

The void of course Moon in Cancer makes it a good day to just hang out and maybe take care of a few things that have been waiting for your attention. It's a better day to clean than shop or buy. Browse and make decisions at another time. Consider options without committing.  Love and attention will be sought after.  Actions speak louder than words if you want to show someone you care. If you can relax or make home a more clean, comfortable place, that's time well spent.  Don't overschedule or be pressured for your word.  Some alone time and privacy may be what Leo wants and Aquarius may want to dive into a project and shut the world out too.  It's 2nd quarter Moon, a time to show or make some progress, but take it steady and slow. The Sun and Jupiter create an air of optimism and confidence tonight. Tomorrow is better for final decisions though. Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Leo Moon

The Moon moves to Leo at 7:55 am and we start a busy day in the zodiac. The Sun trine to Jupiter overnight is optimistic and we might set off on adventures or new ventures with excitement. With this happening in Libra and Gemini, air signs, we may overflow with ideas and options! Venus in Virgo forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn at 4:04 am EST which is both positive and realistic for our relationships and friendships. Rather than idealizing or expecting too much from each other, we should be able to relate and understand each other more. Then the Leo Moon adds to the happiness and enthusiasm or makes it more likely we'll feel some of that. Saturn in Scorpio is the devil's advocate though, and attempts to put a damper or dark shadow on plans will probably be met with a shrug or some Leo willfulness. We'll tend to do what we want and act on what we hope for regardless of a warning or possible pitfall in the outcome.  Tonight is meant to be active, creative and spontaneous.  Do watch your words with Mercury in Scorpio. A bit of jealousy or competition is probably based on the past or in fear and worry. Show loyalty and be reassuring to ward some of that off. Wear gold.

Wednesday: Mercury trine Pluto, Saturn trine Neptune

Planets in Scorpio dominate the day along with the Leo Moon. Both are fixed signs looking for long term effects and commitment.  Mercury, planet of communication and news, aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. We make discoveries and breakthroughs with this aspect, particularly where information and decisions are involved. We are freed up to take actions that were blocked or delayed. New pieces of the puzzle fall into place and it's all systems go! Saturn and Neptune have very different influences, however working together they can give exactly the encouragement and support needed to take ideas to the concrete level and make them real and tangible. This is a truly good day to ask for support, revisit a plan that didn't fly the first time, and break news that's been pending.  The Leo Moon is resilient in the face of change and in harmony with Jupiter and the Sun for positive interactions with others in both business and personal matters.  Go for it today! Tonight, take possibilities and form plans to achieve those goals.  Act with intention, be assertive about your priorities and enjoy exchanging ideas and conversation.  It's a good day to find out who's loyal and where resources or emotional support can be drawn from.  Wear purple.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

The Moon is void of course all the way through 3:23 pm. In Leo, the Moon makes for a good day to connect for friendship, business or opportunities and a day for learning experiences that go beyond the books.  Relax into rehearsing, improvising, and getting ready for performances and presentations.  Try not to be pressured. Give definite answers late in the day or tomorrow since the void Moon isn't great for best judgment calls.  Learning and training go well under Leo Moon and Virgo Moon too, but make notes since we'll tend to forget the details.  Fun and games are very much favored today. Even getting work done can become a competition or game.  The Virgo Moon from 3:23 on is better with the details and practical tasks while aligned with Saturn in Scorpio. Tonight is good for study and fine for other plans though work may take precedence. The Moon squares Mars in Sagittarius for independent thinking. We might not listen carefully or take criticism or direction well. Wear navy blue.

Friday: Moon conjunct Venus in Virgo

Relationships benefit from the Moon and Venus in Virgo today. Pisces and Virgo may especially notice this with spouses and significant others.  Venus in Virgo doesn't let you off the hook if you've been neglecting relationship or responsibilities to each other, but this planet in Virgo is flexible and forgiving if you are willing to put effort in or want to reconcile. Taurus and Scorpio also enjoy a good day socially and in love and romance.  The Moon also aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Scorpio helping with solutions and troubleshooting. We can get more organized and on track today.  Scorpio, Capricorn and Virgo should feel progress and accomplishment in both work and with personal relationships.  Ask for advice or help, negotiate and find more effective ways to work or communicate. Tonight the Moon squares Jupiter in Gemini and is then void of course from 7:48 pm on. Exaggeration and having more ideas or bigger ideas than we can follow through with is one effect. If you can just take tonight lightly and relax or enjoy time with friends, that's the best plan. We might have to ignore the loudest one in the group tonight.  It's a good date night though with the Moon and Venus creating feel good vibes.  Wear pink.

Saturday: Virgo/Libra Moon

The Moon is void of course until 7:02 pm then in Libra through Monday's New Moon. Prior to New Moon rethink your priorities and what you want to devote attention to or finish.  The Virgo Moon today is best for relaxation and routine. Since the Moon squared Jupiter last night, scaling down, spending less and budgeting might makes sense or be up for discussion. Virgo Moon is time for practical attitudes and solutions. It's also a good day to study and catch up on things that became lost in the shuffle. It's a good day for exercise and organizing too. The Libra Moon tonight is nearly opposite Uranus and could cause us to feel some aftershocks from the Full Moon two weeks back. Balance, calm and grace may be called for. Energy could be scattered or chaotic.Tonight can be a fun night out too, however,  as the Moon aligns with Mars in active Sagittarius. Wear black.

Sunday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon is a time to work your balance. Find moderation, make or keep the peace, and maybe be an observer rather than engaging in something that might result in arguement or misunderstanding. The Libra Moon and Pluto want progress, but how to go forth may be up for discussion. Negotiating could result in consensus, but it's likely that undercurrents will be at play.  On this day before New Moon, consider your options, set a goal, and decide if something needs to go and be done with it. Tomorrow is a fresh lunar cycle. Wear lavender.

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