Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Astrology June 11th through 17th, 2012

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Monday: Void of course Moon, Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter moves to Gemini for a year long stay. Between now and June 26, 2013, Jupiter shines on education, media, and communication. Chances are our phones, communication systems and even email format will look different and hopefully be more efficient by next summer. Respect for intellect and education will grow. Media like radio, television and telecommunications will be more of a focus, possibly in business and also in our everyday awareness. We'll be tuning in in new ways and commuting in more efficient ways or at least working toward that. Cars and bikes and modes of transport may change and improve and grow in popularity for their improvements. The Moon is void of course most of today until just after midnight. Err on the cautious side with decisions. Be willing to take it slow. Mercury is active with Uranus and Pluto which could cause pressure for decisions and differences of opinion. Be careful with your choices of words and anything you sign. If it can be put off, wait until tomorrow. Gather information today even if you have to push for answers. Uncover the missing pieces. Fill in the blanks. Tonight it may be hard to focus. Give yourself extra time today and tonight. Wear yellow.

Tuesday: Moon in Aries

The Aries Moon moves in at 12:21 am EST. A variety of aspects make for a mixed day, with the impulse to take action strong, but some hurdles must be jumped or avoided. The Moon meets Uranus for eventfulness and quick responses. Sometimes we feel things are happening too fast for us to think clearly on days like this. Mercury in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn remind us to give due attention and thought to decisions. Be cautious and take a conservative stance if there's any question at all. Get physical exercise and play games under Aries Moon, the sign of baseball for example. Put energy into healthy competition and things that makes you feel strong or accomplished. Avoid being rushed or pressured. Ask for extra time if you need it. Agree to get back to people rather than make rash judgments on the spot. The Moon and Venus in Gemini combine for social plans and teamwork tonight. Wear orange.

Wednesday: Saturn day

Saturn is active with both Moon and Sun. The Sun and Saturn set us up for serious negotiating and settlements. It's a day of resolving, making agreements, mediating, and working out fair plans. The Moon and Saturn oppose causing us to examine both sides of issues thoroughly. The need to determine what's just and how much to give in or compromise is present and obvious. The Aries Moon harmonizes with the Gemini Sun tonight helping our moods, spirits, and ability to lead, discuss and think things out intelligently. Tonight is good for making breakthroughs, developing sudden understanding, and brave moves. Red is today's color.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

The Moon is void of course until 12:22 pm EST. Take the morning slowly or at your own pace and don't allow pressure to take over. Shut phones off if necessary and wait before replying to important communications. Forceful personalities may push early in the day, but later is better for solid decisions and actions. Save shopping for afternoon too. The Taurus Moon works well with Neptune and we can take dreams to the next level with tangible steps, results and progress. Enjoy the outdoors, the pleasures of the senses, and food. Work will have a creative flair. It's a day for designers, landscapers and gardeners, painters, and others who make things beautiful and create atmosphere. Taurus Moon values security and comfort. Find those things tonight whether it's at home or with friends. Be conservative with money. Wear green.

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Taurus Moon works well with Mercury in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. Even the more difficult things we take on go more smoothly. It's easier to reach agreement or consensus. Realize there may be some hidden influences at work and trust gut instincts. Our moods will be sentimental and we'll appreciate the comfort zone and being surrounded by people we trust. Taurus Moon time favors a hands on approach. Go for long term solutions. Make promises you intend to keep. Wear blue.

Saturday: Void of Course Moon

Today is meant for relaxation as the easygoing side of Taurus is suited more to the void of course Moon. Attend to simple chores and routine matters or just take some time off. It's a good day to be outside, enjoying nature, doing yard or garden work or simply doing nothing! The Moon and Mars encourage us to try a more flexible or different approach to what's not working well. Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

The Moon moves to Gemini and quickly meets Jupiter overnight. Our social connections, whether for business or pleasure, are an important influence today. During a spring of lots of change sparked by eclipse activity, the Gemini Moon triggers some side effects today, but the influences are mostly happy. For example the Moon meets loving Venus in the evening. Neptune active with the Moon from Pisces throws in undercurrents and we may have reason to be skeptical or distrustful. Don't give your trust too readily, especially with new people in your life. Find sources of relaxation on a day when lots of stimulation could be present. Wear yellow.

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