Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Astrology May 7th to May 13th. 2012

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon squares Neptune and Mars putting the astrological action in the mutable signs, signaling change! Sagittarius Moon represents and initiates change that broadens our perspective and experience pushing us beyond our comfort level. Expect to be required or at least requested to think differently and reorganize. From daily routine & work protocols for Cancer to home routines and schedules for Virgo and financial realignments for Scorpio, shifts in both mindset and action are urged now. The Moon also lines up with Uranus in Aries, and this can feel fast and leave little room for stillness. Centering yourself for what's ahead, just post Full Moon, is a good idea today. A ready for anything attitude is better than trying to resist change today. Sagittarian thirst for adventure is called for. Tonight, find yourself out of your comfort zone doing what you normally wouldn't on a Monday night. Wear purple.

Tuesday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

The Moon opposes Venus in Gemini. Opening our minds to new ways of being in relationships is part of the tension. Can you rethink relationships and your expectations of significant people in your life? There's a call for change in how we relate, think, and behave in one on one partnerships of any kind. Share philosophies, perspectives and plans. See how they coincide and how they are out of sync and decide what you can both accept and live with. Travel, education and other opportunities that sometimes separate couples are some of the highlighted issues you could be wrestling with. Saturn and Mercury align with the Moon today helping us discuss and deal rationally. Apart from relationships, we may find our minds being challenged with new information and enlightened moments. Picking up a book on an area of interest makes sense today or tonight. Explore something you might try or get involved in. The Moon is void of course from 9:34 to 10:00 pm EST and moves into Capricorn then. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus is a time of methodical and committed decisions. Act now on things you really want to grow and thrive and that you really want to stick with. For example, commit to a relationship, whether through engagement or renewed promises to each other. Initiate a building project, like a home, business or renovation, or even a garden start up or expansion. Make sure your interest level and desire for success are high since it may be hard to quit things we start during Taurus times. The Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and aligns with Mars for constructive approaches and good reason to get out of bed or off the couch and do something! Wear brown.

Thursday: Mercury sextile Neptune, Capricorn Moon

Curiosity and inventiveness activate as Mercury and Neptune align. Figure out an alternative way to do something, or change the variables and compare the results. Learn by being curious and asking questions rather than simply accepting what you assumed or accepted as fact. Mercury and Neptune feed the imagination. This can be used for writing and creating. The Moon is in harmony with the Sun and Jupiter today helping us with confidence. Saturn squares the Moon from Libra reminding us to take another perspective into consideration and be fair in our dealings with others. The Moon is void of course from 3:11 pm on. Make purchases and significant decisions before that time. Tonight, a void Moon in Capricorn is best for handling simple things or just relaxing. Wear blue.

Friday: Moon in Aquarius

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 1:03 am and squares Mercury in Taurus. We'll want to stand by our friends and stick with our ideals rather than compromise today. This square is very strong willed. The dominant sides of our personalities may come out in full force, but that doesn't always mean controlling or opinionated. The loyal, diligent sides can show too! What won't go over well is slighting someone's family member or good friend or questioning someone's ideals. The Moon and Uranus align for forward thinking as well as acting in the moment, spontaneously. Tonight is good for spur of the moment gatherings and friendship in general. Wear turquoise.


The Moon in Aquarius favors community and events where we gather around a common cause or celebration. From a neighborhood clean up to a class reunion or graduation parties, invite a group to participate! We'll appreciate and enjoy companionship, the support of others, and also more festive gatherings. The Moon and planets in Taurus do exert a stubborn influence in the late day and evening hours. This may come out in the form of strong opinions and willfulness, yet the Moon's aspects with Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Libra should keep moods pretty stable and relationships balanced. Smooth things out before they escalate. It's a void of course Moon from 8:52 pm to 7:42 am. We can be easily distracted or forgetful, but the positive side is a relaxed attitude. Wear purple.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Neptune, Sun conjunct Jupiter

It's a pleasure seeker's day as the Sun meets Jupiter for prosperity and happiness. Overflowing with good feelings is in the forecast, and the Moon meets Neptune and we can more easily overlook imperfections. Mercury and Mars also align for proactive discussions where you can actually accomplish something and you're willing to yield or do your part. The Moon in Pisces is forgiving and understanding at best. Tonight the Moon opposite Mars means we need to look at both sides and aim for flexible solutions, even if just for now, not forever. Today's color is green.

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