Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Astrology April 23rd-29th 2012

Monday: Moon to Gemini

The void of course Moon this morning can help us relax into the day. A Taurus Moon to start gives a steady influence, but being too lax could lead to lateness or completely forgetting what we had planned. Check your schedule this morning and give yourself plenty of time to settle in before the official business of work or school begins. The Sun and Mars in Taurus and Virgo allow for delving right into hands on work, projects and encourage us to help out or volunteer today. See where your talents can best be put to use for the good of all today! An industrious attitude is likely. The Moon moves to Gemini at 1:05 pm and squares Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo tonight. Being adaptable is the best plan, but may be challenging, particularly for those 3 signs in home life and relationship/career demands. Tonight avoid anxiety and shut out the multiple distractions that surface. Think beyond the obvious tonight and find new approaches to old work or problems. We like to discuss and debate under Gemini Moon, and that may be the source of a fresh idea. Wear blue.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini

The Gemini Moon is in harmony with Mercury and Uranus early, and later meets Venus. These aspects activate our minds and add to eventfulness. With the first two planets in fire sign Aries, today is communicative, action oriented and in some cases involves uncharted territory. Taking a pioneering, ahead of the curve approach may come easier than you'd expect. Venus and the Moon encourage shifts in love and relationship and being willing to discuss, plan and think things out together. That conjunction also stimulates conversation and like minded connections. Sudden romantic interests develop over common interests and mutual friends now. Aquarius and Gemini experience this most directly. Sagittarius, refreshing a long term love or business relationship makes sense for you. Wear pink.

Wednesday: Mercury square Pluto

Think decisions out carefully and deliberately today as Mercury and Pluto form a square in Aries/Capricorn. Avoid being too controlling or giving over too much information to another party who might misuse or misunderstand it. Make sure your intentions and actions align. We are prone to careless errors or faulty judgement calls. The Moon is in Gemini trine to Saturn, and this energy in the air signs means advice is worth seeking. Aim for fairness and equal division of labor or resources. The Moon is void of course from 4:31 pm on. Tonight, personal priorties take precedence and we'll appreciate help or guidance rather than figuring things out on our own. Tonight is suited to study groups, and though it's not a bad night out, work or more serious business may be clearly a better use of time. Wear black.

Thursday: Moon in Cancer

The Moon moves to Cancer at 1:42 am EST. Cancer Moon time is very personal and our priority is our own comfort and security. We'll take care of our loved ones too, but other things may have to wait. The Moon squares Uranus and though we might not be in the mood for disturbances, the balance may be disrupted with developments we couldn't predict or prepare for. Mars in Virgo and the Sun in Taurus work with the Moon for practicaly approaches and tone down drama for drama's sake. Look for real solutions and get help if you're thrown a curve. The Cancer Moon is caring so we should be able to find helpful friends or other sources. Moods are changeable today and tonight as well. The Moon opposite Pluto tonight favors quiet and the comfort of family or home. Wear light blue.

Friday: Cancer Moon

The Moon and Mercury set the tone for significant discussions and emotional talks. The need to express may over rule fear of someone's reaction. Speak with care and remember how sensitive Cancer Moon time can be. Like the crab, Cancer can sidestep when intense feelings are involved so there could be passive aggression or no response. Give others time to process and try not to push for reactions or answers. The Moon's alignment with Jupiter in Taurus brightens the mood and keeps us interested and involved particularly with things related to home, family, reunions, and special events. Today is sentimental. The Farmer's almanac shows this Moon as a good time for planting and fishing, and in the modern business world you can also maximize other means of increasing prosperity. Wear pink.

Saturday: Moon in Leo

The Moon squares Saturn overnight, and that could cause some to wake up with negative attitudes. This morning may seem heavy, and Libra and Cancer who host the square could feel it most or be involved. The Leo Moon has a lightening effect from 12:10 pm on. Optimism increases as the weekend goes on. Social events and performances are well timed today and tonight. Wear orange.

Sunday: Leo Moon, Sun trine Pluto

The Leo Moon is resilient. Even in difficult situations, Leo's strong and brave nature can be solution oriented and creative. The Moon is square to the Sun making decisions a challenge, but once you choose a course of action you're likely to stick with it when the Moon is in Leo. The Taurus Sun is equally strong willed and forms a trine to Pluto buoying our spirits and putting us in practical modes. Later the Moon and Mercury urge us out of our shells if we've been working hard or avoiding the social scene this weekend. Today's color is gold.

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