Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly February 28

The Capricorn Moon meets Venus and aligns with Uranus in Pisces. Capricorn Moon helps us get organized and encourages ambition and progress. It's a work oriented day and that goes for physical workouts too. Re-think fitness goals and business plans early in the week. Organize your desk, workspace and calendar. We'll tend to be reasonable with each other as the Moon approaches Venus, so it's a good day to reconnect or forgive and move ahead. It's a good study, writing or marketing/business day for Scorpio, and Sagittarius you may want to improve your work situation or seek new employment. Leo, nose to the grindstone and maybe plan a business lunch with co-workers to improve collegial relationships. Cancer, put work into any and all partnerships. Tonight is surprisingly social and last minute plans work well. Virgo and Capricorn, it's a nice night for love and friendship with Venus and the Moon together in a very favorable spot for you. Taurus, consider your next venture or adventure and connect with far away friends. The Moon is void of course at 11:03 pm EST. Wear green today.

The Moon is in Aquarius and Venus also moves to the sign of the water bearer at 9:39 pm. Venus is really no more romantic or sensitive in Aquarius than she's been in Capricorn. Both are signs where Venus is emotionally & romantically on the detached side. Venus in Aquarius does help draw us to groups we belong in and increases our sense of community and collaboration though! It's a pretty good placement for Leo, Libra and Aquarius where love is concerned since those signs feel in a similar way and the chart placement is right! Aries, Venus may help you attract new friends during the late winter. Today new relationships and friendships may form in unexpected ways or places. The Moon also aligns with Jupiter in Aries opening our minds and encouraging expansion and new experiences. Tonight, big gatherings are well timed. If you're working, experiment, use logic & engage in scientific thought. Wear turquoise.

The Aquarius Moon aligns with Saturn, and ideally we structure our efforts and energy. Planning, envisioning, being more productive, and finding the right partners to work with can be the result. Saturn and the Moon are both in air signs, suggesting we think things out, weigh our options, and look at things objectively. It's a good day to step back and do the logical thing. We're getting ready for a New Moon on Friday and that can be a crossroads. Prepare for or make a logical decision. The Moon is moving toward a meeting with Neptune, so make sure you can trust people or situations, especially tonight and tomorrow. Neptune can cloud our judgment. Be discriminating and err on the side of caution. Wear blue.

The Moon meets Neptune in Aquarius before moving into Pisces at 11:47 am. That conjunction at 9:36 am is followed by a void of course Moon for about 2 hours. During that time, contemplate before acting, and that may be a good idea in general all day. The New Moon is great for initiating things tomorrow. Today is very creative although we may find ourselves daydreaming more than doing. Leo and Libra, relationships may become very romantic unexpectedly. Capricorn, be careful who you do business with and how you spend money, but do go for a dream job if the opportunities arises, especially in a creative field. Tonight with a Pisces Moon, Mars also in Pisces aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, lighting a fire under us for changes. Move away from feelings and problems that are better placed in the past. Wear pink.

The New Moon in Pisces arrives at 3:46 pm EST. Mars, the fiery warrior planet is right nearby, urging real action and adding a more assertive feeling than Pisces is known for. This new Moon is versatile, creative and dynamic, with no planets out of sync. It's a very positive day! Strengthen weak points, act intuitively and pay close attention to your hunches. The Pisces New Moon time is about tuning in to both feelings and the environment. Use 6 senses today. Tonight is best for being with close, trusted friends, seeing or being a part of performances, and generally improvising to make things better. Wear white.

The Moon meets both Mercury and Uranus in Pisces for an eventful day. There's hardly a way to plan for this kind of astrological action. Go with the flow, expect surprises and turns of events. The New Moon yesterday leans toward changing our course and changing our hearts or minds. Pisces is a very insightful, intuitive sign so really trust that inner voice or that feeling you can't shake. Mercury and the Moon led us to declare how we truly feel, putting us in a vulnerable spot. Capricorn speaks from the heart. Virgo deals with relationships and conversation about commitment of lack thereof. Pisces, it's very much about you this weekend. Wear light blue.

The Moon moves to Aries and will meet Jupiter at 6:43 pm EST. All of this Aries energy after a New Moon helps motivation, new endeavors, and energy level in general. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, relates to prosperity, learning and also luck. Good things may come by "chance" or without lots of planning today. The Moon does square Pluto which sometimes instigates a power struggle or challenge through undercurrents rather than what's right up front and honest. New and fresh is appealing now over anything stale or stagnant. Wear red.

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