Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly February 14th

The Moon is in Cancer, a sentimental sign. Today's oppositions can pose emotional challenges since Cancer Moon time is sensitive and Capricorn planets tend to be detached. Venus, the planet of love, is in Capricorn and that could make it hard to get what we want from relationships. The Moon squares Jupiter in Aries this morning as if to say don't overdo anything. If you're celebrating Valentine's Day, the stars lean toward keeping it simple. If you go in with big expectations today the oppositions make it more likely you'll be disappointed. If you're not in relationship, avoid being overly sentimental or romanticizing the past. We'll tend to do that today, but it may not be based in the now or reality. The upside to the day is that Cancer Moon time can be romantic and expressive. Let people know you care about them and take good care of friends and kids who may be moodier than usual. Virgo and Pisces, friendships are important today. If you're at odds with friends, it may feel difficult. Cancer, Aries and Capricorn, everything is intensified from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other! Aries, career may be your big priority, and it's a good day to work on that. Wear white today.

The Full Moon warm-up begins as we move toward a Leo Full Moon on Friday. The Moon is in Cancer again today, square to Saturn in Libra. Expect defensiveness and other similar reactions. It's not the easiest day to confront things, but Saturn lets us know when there is no other choice. If you have to deal with something serious or difficult, do it with a sense of fairness and objectivity. It's better not to get too worked up because the Cancer Moon can be reactive. You might notice the Cancer Moon tendency to sidestep things too. That includes passive moves and resistance. Family matters and legal matters heat up and there's a push for some reasonable resolutions. Tonight the energy is in the water signs, Cancer and Pisces, which fuels our creativity. Do something productive with emotional overflow, if that's the case. Make, write, perform. There's a sense of drama about tonight. Wear blue.

The Moon is void of course for just two hours before moving into Leo at 4:14 am. Today is optimistic though the Full Moon feeling will be present. The Leo Moon combines with expansive and fortunate Jupiter in Aries. Keep an open mind and heart. These signs motivate, and the attitude is forward thinking and active. Healthy competition, games, creative projects, and dynamic presentations and performances are favored. Today is not meant to be lazy or boring. Make bold moves. Enjoy as things may come a little bit easier today. Plan travel and other events. Leo Moon time brings out generosity. Cancer, this is a good career or money day. Leo, you're drawn to bigger and more interesting things and you may want to explore new opportunities. Libra, friends and significant others affect your plans now, but probably in positive ways! Listen to what a friend has to say or what your significant other suggests. Wear red.

The Moon is nearly Full in Leo, a sign of strength, ruler of the spine and heart. Act with confidence and do things that increase your power or influence. Signs like Leo and Aries may do this naturally, and Scorpio you should follow suit because you are most likely to be in the spotlight or up for promotion or recognition during this Full Moon. Aquarius, this is very much your day too as the Sun and Neptune meet, feeding your imagination as well as romance and creativity. Mercury and Mars are in Aquarius opposing the Moon and there's a need for compromise or agreements. Collaborations will be strong but may include healthy disagreement and debate. Try to keep it workable and avoid getting too personal (or taking things too personally). This is a day to look and present your best and make an impression. Pisces, put energy into work. Gemini, put effort into communication, studies and things that are coming due. Deadlines are in the forecast when the Moon is Full so we maybe working overtime tonight. Wear purple.

There's a Full Moon in Leo and the last hours of Aquarius Sun pass by. The Sun moves to Pisces at 7:28 pm, for the last weeks of winter. The Full Moon opposes Neptune and Mars in Aquarius overnight, and though the Leo Moon tends to be active and optimistic as well as extravagant and showy, there's a bit of illusion to overcome. You might feel like going too far with something or like trusting someone or something deceptive. Mars in Aquarius is rebellious too, and this Full Moon could lead in a very new direction, blasting norms and shattering illusions in favor of real, long term prospects. Debates are likely with the energies in fixed signs Leo and Aquarius, and Venus and Saturn square off in Libra and Capricorn really bringing up relationship, legalities and other imbalances. The Full Moon in Leo urges stability and balance. The Moon shifts to Virgo for most of the day at 4:39 am, and is in harmony with Capricorn for seeking good solutions. Expect lots of stirring up, a dose of the dramatic and creative solutions. Tonight, the Sun settles into intuitive Pisces until March 20th. We might lean toward calm, quiet events after an eventful day. Wear gold.

The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Venus in Capricorn. This is good news for most any plans, business or pleasure. Today can be relaxing or work oriented. If you missed a Full Moon due date, this is a good catch up day. If you've been missing time with friends, call and make plans while Venus and the Moon favor relationships and create an easygoing attitude. Taurus joins Virgo and Capricorn as another earth sign smiled upon this weekend. Today's color is navy blue.

The Moon moves to Libra at 4:01 am. There are a series of conjunctions in a busy chart overall. Mars, Neptune and Mercury form 3 conjunctions in a row, and Aquarius energy dominates! A need to make firm decisions, revamp, and recreate is in the forecast. Leo this hits your relationship sector so expect things to be decided or confronted. Aries, Libra and Aquarius may also experience relationship issues or decisions including the need for compromise as the Libra Moon opposes Jupiter. Aquarius is related to the mind and the nervous system and we could hit overload on those fronts today! Consider actions you take now to have long term implications, and that includes conversations. Wear turquoise.

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