Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius 2-2-11

The New Moon in Aquarius is energized by Mars, the warrior planet urging bold changes and a brave, assertive attitude! The Moon also aligns with expansive Jupiter in Aries for initiation and adventure.

Aquarius: Change your course! The New Moon adds excitement and charge to your plans. Act on your dreams. Take the blueprint and start building!  Jupiter in Aries makes it a good time to announce your plans to the world!

Pisces: Your dreams activate and even during sleep you're doing lots of planning and processing. Allow yourself down time and take good care of your health.

Aries: Friendships form and your social network is an important piece of the puzzle now. A friend or colleague gives you a lead. A friend introduces you to a friend. Use your connections and above all do not isolate yourself! It's time to open up and broaden your interests and your circle.

Taurus: The New Moon in Aquarius is a great time to spotlight your talents, make a favorable impression or change your image. Career change or expansion is possible.

Gemini: Take it to the world! You might want a change of scenery. If you can't travel, explore new ideas. Your philosophy of life could shift now.

Cancer: Financially and in partnership this is a favorable time. Make an agreement. Settle something.  Be generous and collaborate.

Leo: Love and other significant relationships receive energy now, which is a help if things have been stagnant or out of sync. This New Moon is very compatible with all of your goals. Jupiter in Aries adds a global feel and sense of adventure.

Virgo: New habits, routines, and ways of doing things come with the New Moon. A burst of energy helps you achieve goals, catch up on work, and be more active. Think health.

Libra: Love and luck is the work of this New Moon. Enjoy.

Scorpio: Refresh things at home and in family relationships.  The energy of fire signs, optimists, and adventurers appeals to you now. Surround yourself with all of that.

Sagittarius: Speak with honesty, act with integrity. It's a communicative, expressive Moon time for you. Respond rather than react. Think, then do. A change of scenery is appealing if you can manage it. Writing and marketing your work is favored.

Capricorn: Excellent New Moon for finding the right gig, adding to your income, and getting finances in more stable order.  Apply for the job or the raise. Get what you've been working for in the weeks ahead.

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