Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Full Moon Weekend!

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Now that the Leo Full Moon did her work and moved into Virgo, the weekend can be used for unwinding, particularly Saturday. Virgo Moon is working with Venus in Capricorn for problem solving in relationships and in business partnerships. Relationships might seem like "business" now. There's a time for everything, so go ahead and treat love that way if it's what makes sense. Handling nitty gritty details and trying new ways to manage the everyday things is recommended this weekend. Simple social plans will feel good. The weekend should be about relieving pressure, not piling more on. Sunday is an important day for communicating clearly and hearing both sides of the story or taking a different perspective. Mercury is very busy during the second half of the weekend, continuing Full Moon stories, adding to information, and urging discussion and conversation. Be forewarned that antagonistic Mars meets Mercury so you can stay calm in the face of anyone who comes on too strong.

The Full Moon energized the fire signs. I even heard from a Sagittarius friend and a Sagittarius Moon sign friend as well as some Leos on Thursday and Friday. The power of a Leo Full Moon will stay with fire signs for days! Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius personalities, harness that energy and ride with it by acting on your goals and intentions.

For air signs, Libra and Gemini, the Full Moon highlights friendships and good connections. Be with the social and networking energy of it and put yourself out there by attending events or writing cover letters if that's the case! Aquarius, you experience the Full Moon time a bit more intensely, with strong emotions and love likely to be involved. Next to Leo, you are the recipient during this Full Moon and can take things to the next level by actively participating. Make your desires known and find the "partners" that can help you make things happen. You and Leo may have a similar or even shared experience this month.

Earth signs, post Full Moon action in Virgo and Capricorn really help with the practical nature of life and ease any Full Moon changes or news. A hand on approach to work or problems and easy going time with friends is ideal for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn this weekend. Also pay attention to money matters. Doing your taxes or working out a budget is well timed too.

Water signs, Cancer and Pisces, you may feel least affected by the Leo Full Moon or it might just feel confusing! The Moon opposed the Sun, Mercury and Mars, none of which are in your "element" unless you have fire Moon or rising sign or strong Leo or Aquarius in your chart. You're probably best off just riding the wave and may find the earth sign info above to be most relevant.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is the water sign in focus during this February Full Moon because it lit the part of your chart dealing with image, career, and recognition. The world was watching, Scorpio, and you can use that to your advantage if you've been kicking some serious ass at work or on stage in some way. Revel in that spotlight and receive the attention or promotion that can go with that. The one draw back can be if you haven't been performing to your maximum potential, in which case you might hear about it. Good luck!

Next week's forecasts are on the way Sunday! Enjoy your weekend!


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