Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Pisces Full Moon (Friday 9-4)

Boundaries (have some!)
Crying (yeah I know) also Creativity!
Drama (count on it) and dreams and delays
Gullible (yeah be carful what you believe, minds change rapidly now)
High (this can be a problem this wknd so know your limit)
Ill advised
Jelly (moveable like that)
Keel over (hopefully from laughing at your crazy friends)
Loving (with good intentions but don't rely on anything)
Mysterious (we'll be asking "how did it turn out like that?" afterward)
Never say never
Pisces-Virgo too, Promises, no
Quirky for sure (Uranus is nearby)
Sleazy (yeah don't be too trusting) Slow, as in take it...
Turns and twists
Uranus also in Pisces, the rebel, the destroyer
Virgo, it's about your relationships and it's topsy turvy-Virgo Rising signs too
X- x as in what you need to cut out
Yes (we might say yes without too much thought)
Zoo -and the animals are restless

best plans will be the last minute ones, with close friends, chill out, stay flexible and lay a little low through the Aries Moon Sunday and Monday too

If this Moon was an animal: Chameleon (change, camouflage and blend accordingly)

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