Friday, September 18, 2009

New Moon in Virgo

Control is not a dirty word! We totally need to hold the reigns tightly and move slowly with direction, if at all, as the New Moon in Virgo is in conjunction with disciplined Saturn and in the same sign as Mercury retrograde. Making big changes has not been in favor since late August, and in October we'll be cleaning up lots of messes or experiencing the fallout and consequences of things initiated all through September. If you left yourself a loophole, then you can crawl through it soon! Here are the positive things we can do with this New Moon:

1.) Clean-like a fiend
2.) Get healthy-but rather than dieting or quitting, do something more active like adopt a new workout routine. Quit things when the Moon wanes after October 4th. Mercury is not on your side for quitting now.
3.) Check out all financial business that's pending.
4.) Make plans and set goals you can work more effectively on after September 29th.
5.) Make lists of things to do soon. Then take your time.
6.) Volunteer your time. Try something out but don't commit to a long term schedule quite yet.
7.) Pick up a book you didn't finish before.

A New Moon and Mercury retrograde are conflicting forces, so if you're just shrugging and feeling unsure what to do, procrastinate. Buying ourselves time is good now. Uranus stirs up news and it's important to know that so you don't overreact this week. Stay Virgo cool and set limits as needed. And hold those reigns firmly.


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  1. I've got blisters on my hands... But I'll keep holding :-)