Personal Coaching, Charts & Readings with Robin

Personal Coaching sessions can help you form a strategy and get some impartial insight. I tailor the coaching to your style. If you choose, an intuitive tool such as astrology or tarot can be part of your sessions. Meditation and Yoga coaching can also be included. This will be designed to suit your life and your highest goals, so you can explore options and make important decisions! Sessions are $80 an hour by phone or google chat. 

Listening and Offering Strategies for Decision Making
Yoga & Meditation Coaching 
Guided Meditation Session
Astrological Timing and Charts
Tarot Card Imagery

You choose the combination for your sessions. If you're not sure I will suggest the options most appropriate for you! I would love to work with you as you make your next big breakthrough!

Birthday astrology reading: $25.00
This reading makes the best birthday gift! Sent as an email and available as an mp3 or in writing. The mp3 is generally about 5 minutes long and includes the action of Moon, Sun, planets &  the your forecast based on your birthday this year.

Wedding Astrology reading: $50.00 
This reading for wedding dates is a nice keepsake and makes a unique gift. Give about 3 weeks lead time for mailing.

Tarot readings by appointment: On occasion I do readings in person. Phone readings are always available and can include both astrology and tarot cards.  $80.00 for a one hour reading. 

For more information on complete astrology charts email me for prices and availability.

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